Moxies Classic Grill has been dealing with Spot Check Services for silent shopper reports for over 12 years. During that time, Moxies has grown from 25 to 58 locations and we have added two other brands - Shark Club and Chop. In addition, we also completely review and revise our programs each year. Spot Check has always been flexible, open minded and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy our growing and evolving needs. We believe the development and analysis of silent shopper reports provides us with a unique tool to help understand our guests experiences in our restaurants. We have always used the results of these reports as a major component in shaping our policies and procedures to better satisfy our guests. Spot Check continues to be a valued vendor partner.

Moxie's Class Grill
Moxie's Class Grill

Do Customers Want to Come Back

As the economy struggles to keeps its head above the water, businesses across the board are now faced with the daunting task of trying to keep their bottom lines alive.

As a result, many companies are looking at ways of cutting costs in the hopes of surviving.  However, is this the BEST approach if your business is customer-service based?  Cutting costs may be a band-aid solution for the short term, but when the economy begins its shift back to the more lucrative end of the continuum, are you in the best possible position to attract those new and returning dollars?

In particular, customer service businesses (retail, food, travel, general public service) are taking a direct hit as their customers are even more selective with regards to how they are spending their shrinking disposable income.  They are looking for the best value for their hard-earned dollar and will go to great lengths to ensure they are getting what they want.

How can you make YOUR customers make your business NUMBER ONE in their minds?  How can you become aware of your customers’ needs and concerns while delivering the products and services they are searching for?  How can you further improve your current policies while searching for new methods and opportunities? The answer: MYSTERY SHOPPING.

While the concept of mystery shopping is not new, applying a carefully thought-out program will allow you to gather information about how you are perceived by your customers not only with regards to your specific business, but also in the big picture.

The information you gather will allow you to closely monitor and analyze where you are falling short, allowing you to make any adjustments and/or research other possible alternatives to increase your productivity, particularly from the customer service point of view.

Choosing the right Mystery Shopping company is crucial in order to reap the benefits of YOUR hard-earned invested business dollar.  And like any expense, you want to justify an expenditure that you might not see as a necessity when the bottom line is at risk.  Is utilizing a mystery shopping company a justifiable expense? Yes, provided you are receiving the information you need to put your company at the top of the heap, ahead of your competition.

When considering which mystery shopping company to partner with, investigate what they have to offer.  Making your customers WANT to come back is the single largest challenge of any service-based organization, and is the purpose of a mystery shopping company. Which one is a good fit for you? Four key areas that will net the best results for your investment include: Program Customization, Client Support, Tools, and Flexibility.

The mystery shopping company you go with should provide you with a range of solutions to meet all of your customer service needs, as well as the support and tools needed for you to make the required changes to keep your customers coming back.  Working with a mystery shopping company is a partnership that should remain flexible.  This flexibility will allow for the customization of a program individually designed for YOUR special needs.

As your needs are met, and your requirements change, this flexibility should remain a strong incentive and will provide you with invaluable information.  You can then be flexible with the service your customers are looking for.

End result: A healthy bottom line.


Spot Check Services is dedicated to providing quality business tools to enhance your business’ customer service needs; thereby, improving client relations and ultimately PROFITS!!

Dave Guy—President

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