The mystery shop program from Spot Check Services provides us with completely subjective data from potential guests that otherwise, can be quite difficult to capture. It is often challenging to get people to be completely honest about every aspect of their visit, and I believe this program really helps us get to that true, genuine feedback.

Jordan Prescesky - Director of Operations
Original Joe's Franchise Group Inc.



With an economy that is always in a state of flux, most businesses can’t rely on the old-school method of depending solely on the quality of their respective product to remain profitable.  Are you successfully focusing your efforts on that segment of consumers who should be purchasing your product or service? Whether your business is in retail, travel, entertainment, hospitality, recreation, or any other industry, you need to know WHO your customer is…Who is your TARGET MARKET?

Many new and existing businesses have a grand vision about where they want to be as outlined in their strategic plans, yet may not be totally aware of how to achieve those goals. Whatever your industry, utilizing a credible Mystery Shopping company can greatly increase the odds of identifying WHO your target market is. Simply assuming that ‘everyone’ will buy your product or service could lead to poor decision making, wrong pricing, inaccurate marketing strategies, or worse, business failure.

By definition, a Target Market is that select group of consumers who will purchase the bulk of your productivity. The parameters of a target market include areas such as age, income, geographic locations, and lifestyle habits (sports, fashion, food, etc), as well as a host of other variables.

Those businesses that have correctly identified WHO their customers are know where to invest their dollars to capture the highest return on that investment. By establishing a strong relationship with a credible Mystery Shopping company, you will be better able to determine how to attract those CONSUMER DOLLARS and keep your customers coming back for more!

Research has determined that consumers generally purchase for three reasons:

  1. To satisfy basic needs
  2. To solve problems
  3. To make themselves feel good

Are you a new business, an existing business that needs to readapt to the evolving market demand, or do you want to introduce a new product or service into your current market?   Using a properly implemented mystery shopping program will enable you to determine WHO is buying your products, who WANTS to buy your products, and WHY they are buying your products.

Having solid communication with your chosen mystery shopping company will allow you to analyze, create and choreograph a successful program that can then be tailored to fit your changing needs over the long term.  The data that can be collected from a successful program will allow you to analyze those criteria that are keys to your business success. From there, you can then make sound decisions on where you are falling short; whether it lies in pricing, service, location or any other factors that are integral to your product or service.

Where are the areas that you could be falling short? Pricing? Customer service? Hours of operation? Product quality? Wrong demographic?

Your mystery shopping program could be as simple as an online survey, or a full-blown program.  The frequency of your mystery shopping schedule will also allow you to determine other less obvious variables including seasonal spending habits and time-sensitive needs. Depending on the nature of your business, it may take as little as two periods of mystery shopping, or it might take longer.  Again, effective communication is key in determining the program type and frequency that will yield you the best results.

Once you have the data, you can then determine where to spend your marketing dollars, enabling you to hit your target right on the BULLS EYE with complete accuracy.

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