The mystery shop program from Spot Check Services provides us with completely subjective data from potential guests that otherwise, can be quite difficult to capture. It is often challenging to get people to be completely honest about every aspect of their visit, and I believe this program really helps us get to that true, genuine feedback.

Jordan Prescesky - Director of Operations
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Window of Opportunity

Is your WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY open for business?

By C. McDaniel

As a new business or one that’s been operating for a number of years, your open window of opportunity is always subject to closing if you don’t keep a watchful eye on what’s happening inside AND out.

Some companies will only have one or two windows which they need to monitor, while others can have several. In all cases, the challenge for any business is to successfully determine and implement those strategies that will let them realize the maximum profit for their efforts while keeping those windows open.  These windows can range from the products they sell to the promotions they run to the customer service they provide.

Are you looking to improve your current management practices or customer service procedures, or have spotted a potential source of new income? How can YOU get to that window of opportunity AND keep it open?  The answer: Create a solid partnership with an established Mystery Shopping company to access one of the best resources you have; YOUR CUSTOMERS.  They can provide you with the best source of information which you can use to modify your existing policies and procedures, or create new ones.

Finding the right Mystery Shopping company that can provide you the tools you need may take some trial and error to find the right “fit”, but the benefits are well-worth the effort. Critical tools include:

  • Data Explorer
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Quality Control
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Reporting Overview


Implemented correctly and orchestrated using a regular schedule, these tools will no doubt lead to bottom-line success and can be easily modified to accommodate changing market variables as they occur.

With a properly constructed Data Explorer using the latest Java technology, you can navigate your collected data using city, province, country, client, and locations (name, code, district, and class), and can filter the data using scores, date ranges, and periods & schedules in real-time. The Data Explorer will also allow you access to your results from any computer via a protected username and password.

A successful Mystery Shopping program suited to fit your needs will allow you to collect data from a variety of categories including customer service, product quality & availability, as well as management practices and procedures.

Once collected, your data should be groomed for content in a format that is acceptable to you. As a mediator, Quality Control will ensure that all information is in a clear and concise format before it reaches you and your management team.

Whether your business is in Retail, Hospitality, Restaurant or Entertainment, your questionnaire is KEY in allowing you to acquire the critical information you are looking for. In order to collect this information, your Questionnaire Design should be based on your specific needs, which can include a myriad of variables as you see fit. The questionnaire designer should work with you to analyze and determine how to best extrapolate the required information in a coherent format.

Once your collected data has been tallied, the Reporting Overview tool should allow you to analyze your information in a variety of ways including: Drill-Down Reports, Graphs, and Cross Variables. Having these reports available in Email, PDF, and Excel formats will allow you to share your findings from any computer with internet access.

Finding the right partnership (and hence the right mix) will allow you to choreograph and execute these tools so that your window of opportunity will remain open for the long haul through all types of economic weather.

Spot Check Services is dedicated to providing quality business tools to enhance your business’ customer service needs; thereby improving client relations and ultimately PROFITS!!


Dave Guy—President




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