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Is Your Company “FIT” for Business?

During the last two decades, we have been bombarded by the FITNESS CRAZE…. diets, vitamins, exercise, meditation, videos and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But when it comes to your business, is it as FIT as it should be?

Health officials, gurus, and even the government have been pushing for the public to change their ways and incorporate a healthy lifestyle into daily life. But what can you do to determine how healthy your company truly is, and more importantly, what can you do to make YOUR business FIT?

Simply sitting idly back and waiting for the economy to swing in your favour is one way of addressing a waning bottom line, and in certain situations, this might be a viable option. But leaving your business solely in the hands of the economy is very risky in the best of times as tastes change, competitors emerge, and improvements in services and products are almost a given.

Other businesses will cut back on staff in the hopes of “leaning down” on the expenses. While this might work in the “now”, it’s only a short-term solution to a much larger issue which will require more investigation and likely more effort on your part.

The answer…. BE PROACTIVE. Whether your company is in Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, or Food & Beverage, there is one source of information that you might not be capitalizing on… your CUSTOMERS. They will make or break you business in record time if you are not providing the products or services they are searching for.

When looking for a personal trainer, dietician, or even a new fitness complex, many people explore the choices until they find the best FIT for achieving their goals. Proper counselling from a Certified Personal Trainer or Dietician will let you know what vitamins you need daily, which exercises are needed and how much to do, and will instruct you on which foods to eat to keep your body healthy.

The same approach should be taken when considering the idea of forming a partnership between your company and an outside source. Questions you should ask: What services do they bring to the table? Do they have a proven track record for providing successful solutions? Is my invested dollar providing the bottom-line return I am striving for? Will this new partnership take my company to the level of FIT that I want and need?

Whether you’re working with a personal trainer or a business consulting firm, the relationship needs to be flexible on both parts. This flexibility will allow you to explore new ideas and new approaches while addressing those “problem” areas in your business. Additionally you must trust that your “personal company trainer” will deliver the results your company is striving to achieve. This new relationship will be the FIT your company needs.

You can get an objective view of your business by utilizing the services provided by a company who offers an established Mystery Shopping program which can identify where you’re falling short. You will then have the key information needed to implement any changes needed to give your company the nutritional boost it needs to get back on track.

An established Mystery Shopping program will use seasoned, objective mystery shoppers to evaluate your business on a multitude of variables. Staff greeting, product knowledge, location cleanliness, and product quality are only a sample of criteria that can be observed and analyzed. The shoppers should be supplied with a detailed questionnaire that will reveal what areas need your attention, whether in service, product quality and selection, or a combination or factors. Mystery shops can be conducted onsite via direct interaction with your employees, online through your website, or through phone shops. Competitor shops can also be done showing how you stack up with your competition.

With a properly constructed questionnaire, the collected data should be secure, and easily accessed through a user-friendly database. The results can then be consolidated and analyzed in various formats (charts, graphs, cross-referencing) enabling you to determine how to make your company FIT for BUSINESS!


Spot Check Services is dedicated to providing quality business tools to enhance your business’ customer service needs; thereby improving client relations and ultimately PROFITS!!


Dave Guy—President


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