Moxies Classic Grill has been dealing with Spot Check Services for silent shopper reports for over 12 years. During that time, Moxies has grown from 25 to 58 locations and we have added two other brands - Shark Club and Chop. In addition, we also completely review and revise our programs each year. Spot Check has always been flexible, open minded and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy our growing and evolving needs. We believe the development and analysis of silent shopper reports provides us with a unique tool to help understand our guests experiences in our restaurants. We have always used the results of these reports as a major component in shaping our policies and procedures to better satisfy our guests. Spot Check continues to be a valued vendor partner.

Moxie's Class Grill
Moxie's Class Grill

Program Assistance

Sher Runge – Director of Operations

Toll Free: 1-877-780-7467   Ext: 221

Local: 1-306-924-2922   Ext: 221

If you are a manager and have questions or comments about a recent mystery shop report that you received, please contact the person designated within your organization who is responsible for overseeing the program.  If you are not sure who in your organization to contact, please email admin@spotcheckservices.com and we would be happy to direct you to the correct person.