The mystery shop program from Spot Check Services provides us with completely subjective data from potential guests that otherwise, can be quite difficult to capture. It is often challenging to get people to be completely honest about every aspect of their visit, and I believe this program really helps us get to that true, genuine feedback.

Jordan Prescesky - Director of Operations
Original Joe's Franchise Group Inc.

The SCS Difference

The biggest problem in business today is reacting AFTER the fact… by then, the customer is already lost!

We know that you have many choices out there when it comes to selecting a mystery shopping company.  We all use the same shoppers.  We all offer innovative tools for data analysis.  We all have years of experience in the customer service industry.  We all provide a variety of customer service solutions.  We all have an extensive list of satisfied customers.  Many of us use quality control personnel to ensure you are receiving reports that are clear and accurate.  So why choose SCS?  What makes SCS the leader in customer experience solutions?


PROGRAM CUSTOMIZATION AND FLEXIBILITY:  Our team will help create a program individually designed for your specific needs.  As your business evolves, we will evolve with it, making changes to your program at no additional cost.


PERSONAL SERVICE:  No other company will provide the same degree of personalized service that we do.  Our clients are not just another number.  We work one-on-one with you to build a long-term relationship.


SIZE DOES NOT MATTER:  Big or small, all companies have the same desire to provide exceptional customer service.  Whether you have one or one thousand locations, we will design a program that works for you.


NO HIDDEN FEES:  All prices include set-up, customization, training, online reporting, administration, maintenance, and data access.


BILINGUAL REPORTING:  We have a dedicated French language department and a strong shopper presence in Quebec.