The mystery shop program from Spot Check Services provides us with completely subjective data from potential guests that otherwise, can be quite difficult to capture. It is often challenging to get people to be completely honest about every aspect of their visit, and I believe this program really helps us get to that true, genuine feedback.

Jordan Prescesky - Director of Operations
Original Joe's Franchise Group Inc.


SCS is a full-service customer service solution company.  In addition to traditional mystery shopping, our range of online, phone, and in-store solutions include:

  • Online surveys
  • Phone shops
  • Website evaluations
  • Self-directed management reporting
  • Employee training
  • On-site evaluations
  • Age verification
  • Competition shopping
  • Integrity shops
  • Product placement and promotion compliance
  • Employee surveys
  • Other related services


How do these benefit you?

  • Check up on your competition.

  • Monitor yoru product quality.

  • Ensure your brand products are being properly displayed and promoted.

  • Evaluate your customer service.

  • Protect yourself and your business by ensuring employees are complying with government ID regulations.

  • Monitor shrink by checking transaction accuracy and item awareness.

  • Evaluate your employees’ sales skills and product knowledge.

  • Compile factual information to use in employee training, rewards and recognition programs, and corrective action procedures.

  • Heighten employee awareness to increase compliance with policies and procedures.

SCS has the goal of setting the industry standard for Customer Service.