Moxies Classic Grill has been dealing with Spot Check Services for silent shopper reports for over 12 years. During that time, Moxies has grown from 25 to 58 locations and we have added two other brands - Shark Club and Chop. In addition, we also completely review and revise our programs each year. Spot Check has always been flexible, open minded and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy our growing and evolving needs. We believe the development and analysis of silent shopper reports provides us with a unique tool to help understand our guests experiences in our restaurants. We have always used the results of these reports as a major component in shaping our policies and procedures to better satisfy our guests. Spot Check continues to be a valued vendor partner.

Moxie's Class Grill
Moxie's Class Grill

Online Surveys

SCS Online Surveys are the tool you need.

Take advantage of one of the most affordable and effective ways to retain valuable customers.  SCS online surveys are the tool you need to successfully thrive with enhanced efficiency for greater profitability.  SCS gives you cutting edge technology without taxing your personnel.  There is no learning curve, no special training, and no investment in software.

Online survey solutions are flexible, so you can customize them to your specific needs and modify them to respond to a shifting customer landscape and marketing environment.  Use them to conduct inexpensive but highly informative research into emerging trends or markets before expanding a product line or territory.  Sort and analyze data in a variety of ways, and distribute professional reports throughout your organization.

Our creative department will work with you to create a personalized survey addressing the key areas of your business you wish to obtain feedback on.  You then direct your customers to fill out the survey on-line using a link printed on the bottom of your receipts.  You can also put a link on your website or comment cards so people can give their opinion without making a purchase, or put it on your menu, brochures, advertising material, or business cards.

Encourage people to take the survey by offering a prize draw or other incentive.  This also allows you to collect customer information for your marketing department.

Online surveys can be used as a standalone tool or in conjunction with a mystery shopping program, which can be automatically triggered when survey results fall below your acceptable percentage.

It all starts with a simple phone call…

Contact us at: 1-877-780-7467 (SHOP) – Ext 222


…invest a few minutes to learn how SCS can support your mystery shopping program.